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Distinct spaces for varying life stages

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This article was initially featured in the Inquirer Mobile App on March 09, 2024 authored by Vaughn Alviar.

Different stages of life come with their own priorities.

But while social scientists—and all too familiar anecdotes from our own clans and circles—can attribute certain inclinations to generations and age groups, perhaps based on differing collective experiences and needs, certain things remain the same, impervious to the impacts of time passing and trends springing.

An excellent example is the pursuit of luxury. Young or old, the desire for the high life is constant.

Knowing how stubbornly magnetic that proposition of an opulent way of life is to all people, premium developer Shang Properties Inc. has delivered fine homes that respond to the distinct values of the young and the old. Touted as the leader in luxury, however, it enwraps each of those addresses in its signature brand of luxury.

‘Laya’ to be you

Of any generation, the youth possess the greatest leeway to soul-search. And, youngsters of these particular times are in search of authenticity and self-expression. Building on those is exactly what Laya by Shang Properties is all about—a project named after and inspired by none other than the Tagalog term for liberation or freedom.

The 67-story marvel along Christian Route in Oranbo, Pasig City wants its dwellers to nest easy and live boldly. That’s a proposition that should immediately appeal to young people, all of whom want to prove their worth and make a mark in the world. The developer likens its 1,283 studio, one-, two- and three-bedroom units (ranging from 33 sqm to 149 sqm) to blank canvasses that homebuyers can take up and turn into their masterpiece.

Reflection of accomplishment

Most Filipinos know that Wack Wack is not a neighborhood anyone can afford. It is the address of those who’ve not only made it but who’ve made it big! Shang does give homebuyers today an opportunity to share in that sense of accomplishment—and the fame and envy it brings—by building another iconic building right in the area: the 50-story Shang Residences at Wack Wack.

Going by the descriptor “sanctuary in the city,” this undertaking takes the renowned Shang hospitality and brings it to the context of a vertical residence, perfectly fitting the needs of more senior households and giving them the opportunity to announce to the world their success. It boasts a low-density setup of just 404 one- to four-bedroom units, with generous cuts at a minimum 81 sqm and maximum 377 sqm. That way, the condo promotes comfort, convenience and privacy.

Ageless promise

In both Shang Residences at Wack Wack and Laya by Shang Properties, the very tasteful choices in the finishes and other details reflect the luxury their developer has come to be known for. It also expresses itself in the superb amenities.

At Shang Residences at Wack Wack, they are akin to those one might find in the most glamorous luxury resorts. The clubhouse includes a gym, an exercise room, and a steam and sauna room. Outdoors is an aesthetic swimming pool area. Windows from the shared spaces overlook the iconic Wack Wack Golf and Country Club, where they could easily become members.

Laya by Shang Properties, meanwhile, is ready to welcome multifaceted individuals and a diverse community. It has spaces for fitness (swimming pool, fitness studio, yoga studio), relaxation (The Lounge, The Viewing Room), productivity (The Studio, The Workspace), and socialization (The Party Rooms), among others.

That sense of luxury is a part of the Shang promise that has led to a host of advantages for homeowners, chief among them an exemplary lifestyle.

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